The NEHC Junior Leadership Committee Kicks-Off with 7 Members and a 

Unique Fundraising Event - a Horseless Horse Show.

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MAY 1, 2016

The New England Horsemen's Council Board of Directors is pleased to announce the inaugural Junior Leadership Committee members. Seven riders have been elected by the NEHC Board including Abbey Tinsley, Carey Davis, Heaven Salifty, Jessica Mitchell, Kate Coffey, Sarah Baker and Sophia Murray.

"We are introducing a program that formalizes community service in the equestrian industry for junior riders. We recognized that community service is a gap for riders when they go to apply for college.  We hope to add value and opportunity for juniors who invest so much time into the sport," said Carolyn Lavin Co-Chair and Head of the NEHC Junior Leadership Committee.

Now what does community service mean to the Junior Leadership Committee? Thinking outside of the box, the Junior Leadership Committee thought of a different angle to community service.  Instead of traditional practices the group of leaders will be bringing a horseless horse show to New England.

In the first year the group thought of ways to give back to the community. What they collectively found a passion for was to raise money to be able to give an academic scholarship to a deserving NEHC senior heading off to college.

"The cost of education is on a scary uphill climb these days and the leadership members decided this is what they want to invest their time into," said Lavin. "These kids thought the scholarship would be meaningful as it is money for an NEHC junior raised by other NEHC  juniors. I think they truly hit the head on the nail in terms of 'communal' service."

The group of leaders will be looking to raise money through sponsorships of the horseless horse show classes, jump donations with the farm name/logo to use in the show, ad placements in the show program specific to just the horseless horse show, and ringside banner sponsors. The group will run four classes.

"The class that the kids are most excited for is the NEHC Nation's Cup. You will need four (4) members to make a team. Team uniforms in the form of t-shirts, polos, matching outfits, etc. are allowed and encouraged -  we want participants to get as creative as possible.  Team signs and big crowds of support are encouraged.  We will run the class in speed format. Each team will pass a baton from one rider to the next. Fastest around with the least amount of faults wins. Jumps will not exceed a height of 2'.  Best of all, there is no age limit. We hope to make this a barn/team event with no restrictions."

The Leadership Committee is looking for more members from all the New England States and riding disciplines. If you are looking to add community service to your resume but don't have time for a leadership role we are looking for volunteers to help with the horseless horse show.  Contact Carolyn at [email protected] if you are interested in getting a few hours of community service in. We will have formal service certificates to hand out to all volunteers who dedicate more than six-hours of time to the event. 

 Get your barn to come out and support the NEHC Junior Leadership Committee! 

For more information on the Horseless Horse Show and how to get involved, click on the button below.

NEHC Horseless Horse Show